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Kiwami Bito

Most people associate the word "Kyokushin" with karate.
However, if you think about the spirit of Kyokushin and what it is aiming for, you will find that this spirit also flows through the Japanese culture in any practice that has the suffix -do: such as kendo, judo, tea ceremony etc. Beyond this, there are cooks who create dishes that bring smiles to people's faces, musicians who play music that purify the heart and businessmen who work hard every day for the betterment of society. There are many professions in the world where the spirit of Kyokushin can be found. The spirit of Kyokushin is alive and well in all people who wish for the happiness of others and continue to pursue the disciplined path.

Living Kyokushin in the Present


Continue to make a true effort. It is the cornerstone of who you are and what you do.

Kitagawa Yoshino

"I want to be strong" becomes "I want to be kind". Kyokushin moving forward as an idol.

Narisawa Shurei

The key to having an unshakable axis lies in the use of the tanden.

Reese Whitman

I realized that strength is the power to help people. From now on, it's his turn to support someone's back.

Our persons of inspiration

Yagi Masumi

To see the view reached in "10,000 days". With the teachings of Kyokushin in my heart, I'm fulfilling the path of a performer.

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