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Honbu Dojo

The Kyokushin Karate General Headquarters Dojo was completed in 1964 and is where many Kyokushin Karate practitioners practiced. Masutatsu Oyama taught Kyokushin Karate to many people at this dojo. At its peak, the first and second floors were filled with trainees, so they would run outside or practice at the nearby field at the time. This dojo, which has such a legend, was the place where Masutatsu's dream of opening his own dojo first came true. It has created a history as a training ground for many students aiming to become Kyokushin, and as a place where the strong aspirations of Masutatsu took shape. There are altars that enshrine the martial arts gods Kashima Daimyojin and Katori Daimyojin, the dojo mottos that were read aloud each time, a ball hanging from the ceiling that was used for kicking practice, and scratches on the floor from training sessions, preserving valuable heritage in the same condition as it was back then. Those aiming for Kyokushin will be thrilled when they step into this dojo. Even now, when you step into the dojo, you can still feel the dignified atmosphere.

A place where the thoughts and 

history of those who pursue 

Kyokushin remain.

Currently, the management and operation of the Honbu Dojo is handled by

the "GALLERY-O Group".

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