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Welcome to our official supporter network, endorsed by the Mas Oyama family, where tradition, excellence, and community come together. We're committed to honoring Sosai Mas Oyama's legacy and preserving the spirit of Kyokushin karate. By joining us, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits and opportunities to grow alongside like-minded practitioners.

Here are five reasons to join:

  1. Preserve Tradition: Uphold the rich heritage of Kyokushin and help preserve its time-honored practices.

  2. Connect with Experts: Engage with experienced practitioners and leaders in the Kyokushin community, learning from their wisdom.

  3. Access Exclusive Resources: Enjoy exclusive resources, events, and training opportunities designed to support your Kyokushin journey.

  4. Build Meaningful Connections: Forge lasting friendships with fellow supporters who share your passion for Kyokushin.

  5. Make an Impact: Play an active role in shaping the future of Kyokushin, ensuring its legacy inspires generations to come.

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